REACH registration

REACH registrations.

Need a REACH registration? Nearly all chemical substances being produced or imported into Europe, need to be registered at European Chemicals Agency (ECHA): so called REACH-registrations. Special software is required and many data need to be submitted according to specified rules. If something is not entirely correct, according to the prescriptions of ECHA, an error message results and the registration cannot be completed without going through the process again. In the meantime the substance may not be placed on the market.

The REACH-regulation is with around 500 pages already fairly complicated. The supplementary rules contained in thousands of pages in guidance documents published by ECHA, make it extremely difficult to do it yourself.

Large companies can afford having an in house specialist. But companies who only have to deal with it occasionally , are dependent on external specialists. REACH Product Safety provides a solution to that problem

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Are you concerned whether your company is compliant with chemicals regulations?

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Supporting companies

If you think you have arranged your chemical safety obligations, the work may not be ready.

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Consultancy and training

The REACH regulation creates business constraints and several duties for companies selling chemical products.

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Safety Data Sheets

One of the requirements for dangerous product is providing Safety Data Sheets (SDS or MSDS) to recipients.

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