About us.

We are a REACH consultancy firm; specialists on European chemical substances regulations such as the REACH-regulation or the CLP regulation. We provide advice and perform the regulatory obligations for chemical substances, for businesses who don’t have enough time or experience.

For example, making an inventory of regulatory obligations, the submission of REACH-registrations, the classification of chemical products or providing safety data sheets.
Our clients are companies which manufacture, import or trade chemical products.

We prefer to work on your location. We store the data we have collected on your systems or we deliver it in a transparent way so that others may continue working with it, when necessary. We don’t want to create dependencies. We rather deliver trust.

Our experience.

We have 14 years of experience within our team with the obligations of, for example, the REACH regulation, including:

Submission of many registration dossiers
Participation in consortia of registrants for the same substances
Supporting customers during government inspections
Negotiate with European Chemicals Agency