REACH Consultant in Europe

Are you looking for a REACH specialist? An experienced REACH advisor, dealing with the EU-REACH Regulation?

Welcome at REACH PRODUCT SAFETY. Based near Rotterdam, Holland, we run a REACH consultancy, specialised in the most important European chemical substances regulation. Our REACH consultants are knowledgeable on all aspects of the REACH regulation.

When is a REACH registration needed? Which substances are exempted from REACH registration? How do I do a REACH registration? How long does it take to get a REACH certificate? What are the costs of registering under REACH? Our REACH specialists know the answers on such questions.

See our web page for answers on frequently asked questions. We would be happy to hear your questions and answer them in a phone call, email or a visit, because the REACH regulation is complex.

Can you deal with REACH without hiring a specialist?

REACH is a complex regulation of hundreds of pages. Most important element is the duty for manufacturers or importers to register chemical substances. REACH registration takes place at the European Chemicals Agency.
Unfortunately it is not a matter of filling out forms. A registration dossier, if it would be printed out, easily requires a pack of paper. Special software is required and training to use such software. The person who makes the registration dossier needs chemical and toxicological knowledge. Large companies have their own departments dealing with REACH. Small businesses however, will need a REACH consulting firm from time to time.

Why hiring a REACH consultancy?

Our REACH specialists can assess whether REACH registrations are required for a particular product, for example.

For some substances special authorisations may be necessary for (keep) putting these on the market. Another frequent need for service is to assess if one's company fulfils the obligations associated with chemicals regulations. See compliance checks.

The submission of files for REACH registrations and applications for REACH-authorisations are some of our activities as REACH advisors. Keeping the dossiers up to date, so that they remain compliant with the regulation, is another example. As REACH consultants we also support companies when they face inspections from regulators, see: support of companies

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